Only for those who demand the best...

Our Goddess

FYRE Goddess Queen (founder)  was raised in Melbourne where she learned the fundamentals of hair, extensions, teaching & hairdressing. While studying she visited many of the most renowned salons & educators in the world. The inspiration grew over the years and 17 years later her passion still exudes in her work and product.

Our Queen created the perfect product that astounded the European Goddess baking & swimming in the salty seas of the world, to the moist temperatures of Australia. 

Before deciding on the types of hair qualities, her thoughts were on how the design product will be treated and where it will be worn. Completely opposed to an industrial approach, she wanted to make something unique and durable. Something that could last diving in the islands of Greece and going on adventures in Peru.

And here it finally is so that we can all indulge in beauty for life is one and being glamorous should be a given...

After years of trial and error, our Queen has found the elite product. One that's 100% Human Hair, glossy and of a combination which is a durable finish with no boundaries to weather, water or how its handled.

Travelling around the globe constantly, the various techniques which she studied and understood different design; helped her cultivate our incredible products. 

So this is her story and our mission to produce astounding results!